Giving researchers in the UK and worldwide free access to vital data assets, enabling new insights into prevention and treatment

Our Informatics Hub

The Brainwaves Informatics Hub brings together data from adolescents between the ages of 14-23 from across the UK.

The platform enables researchers to access surveys, self-reporting questionnaires, health records, brain imaging, population statistics and behavioural data such as wearable technology, to improve understanding of mental health issues within adolescents and to analyse and assess the outcomes of interventions.

Our informatics hub provides a secure, remote environment with pre-installed software packages to allow researchers to analyse the data without the data ever leaving the secure environment.

Governance & Security

Secure Infrastructure

Utilises SeRP infrastructure. SeRP is accredited to the ISO270001 information security standard whilst also being Cyber Essentials accredited and complying with the Digital Economy Act 2017.

Secure analysis environment

All data analysis is carried out within a remote research analysis environment. This ensures researchers cannot remove data from UK SeRP.

Anonymised data

All data is anonymised to ensure that participants identities are protected.

Researcher checks

Robust governance processes ensure that data is only accessed by bona fide researchers.

Approved Projects

All project applications are reviewed by a Studies Approval Panel (SAP) to ensure that the project is scientifically sound and within scope.

Disclosure Control Checks

As granular data cannot leave the virtual environment, any outcomes from a researchers analysis (such as graphs, tables etc.) can be exported from the environment.

To ensure that no detailed information leaves the secure environment, all results are checked by qualified individuals before being released.